Welcome to the Journal of Electrical Engineering, Technology and Interface Utilities  (JEET IU) manuscript submission web site.  JEET IU publishes research and selective surveys papers ranging from the fundamentals to import new findings. The journal responds to and provides a solution to the widely scattered nature of publications in this area, offering unity of theme, reduced duplication of effort and greatly enhanced communication among researchers. All of the accepted  papers which qualified well will be published online and in form of hard copy.

Aims and Scope: The Journal of Electrical Engineering, Technology and Interface Utilities is a international scholarly journal which publishes original research findings in learning methods applied to a variety of learning problems, including but not limited to:
Learning Problems: Classification, regression, recognition, and prediction; Problem solving and planning; Reasoning and inference; Data mining; Web mining; Scientific discovery; Information retrieval; Natural language processing; Design and diagnosis; Vision and speech perception; Robotics and control; Combinatorial optimization; Game playing; Industrial, financial, and scientific applications of all kinds.
Learning Methods: Supervised and unsupervised learning methods (including learning decision and regression trees, rules, connectionist networks, probabilistic networks and other statistical models, inductive logic programming, case-based methods, ensemble methods, clustering, etc.); Reinforcement learning; Evolution-based methods; Explanation-based learning; Analogical learning methods; Automated knowledge acquisition; Learning from instruction; Visualization of patterns in data; Learning in integrated architectures; Multistrategy learning; Multi-agent learning.

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